Welcome to St Cuthbert with St Mary's Church, the City Centre and Historic Civic Church of Carlisle.  We are delighted that you have chosen to become part of our Church Family and hope to get to know you all in the future.

Holy Baptisms are conducted here on the first and third Sunday of every month at 12.00 noon.  At each Baptism Service we baptise up to two children. Prior to Baptism parents are expected to bring their child/children to a service and also to another service following Baptism.

There is a service on the first Sunday of each month which is specifically aimed at families.  The Family Service is shorter than the usual services and begins promptly at 10.30am.  


All Godparents MUST be baptised

It is helpful if at least one Godparent is confirmed (this usually takes place in teenage years, or in adulthood)

Traditionally each child usually has three Godparents who make the vows on behalf of the child to ensure s/he is brought up in the Christian tradition.

Please arrive at 11.50am so that everyone is seated before 12.00noon.

Photographs may be taken but must not disrupt the service.  There is plenty time afterwards.

Baptism is a free gift of God; however, it is essential that to remain open the church is financially supported and thereby please give generously at the end of the service.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities available.