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8th July 

We have decided for the time being to close the church for private prayer. There has not been a great response due partly to people still anxious about going into public buildings.
We have to have 2 people on duty and on some days they have sat in the church for a few hours but received no visitors.

We are still preparing risk assessments and as yet are not able to open the church for public
Worship. The most testing element is implementing a track and trace. Also setting a maximum number attending.
Rest assured though we want to ensure that our church is safe and secure. We cannot afford to take risks as your safety is important to us.

Every Blessing




2nd July

Although churches can open from this weekend we have decided not to open St Cuthbert and St Aidan churches yet for corporate worship
I met with the wardens to go through the guidance for reopening for worship and to begin preparing risk assessments. As the guidance only came to us late Tuesday evening we need more time to assimilate it and prepare a rigorous risk assessment.
The Bishops are saying that it is up to individual churches when they feel confident about reopening .
As a result we feel it is to soon and many people are still nervous about going out.

We will announce the date as soon as we can but in the meantime we will continue with the recorded services and I will be writing to everyone on the electoral roll.
In the next week the PCC we will be informed of progress and be kept fully informed of developments.

Every Blessing



23rd June

The government have given the go ahead for churches to open from the 4th July for public worship and weddings.
I am awaiting guidance from the Bishop's office and we will need to conduct a robust risk assessment in each church. An announcement will be made as to how we propose to open the churches and PCCs will be kept in the loop.
Every Blessing 

14th June

St Cuthbert's church is open for private prayer Monday to Friday between the hours of 2.00pm and 4.00pm.
But please note that Friday is for the over 70s and vunerarable so we can give them a safer sacred space
10th June

The government is now allowing churches to open for private prayer form 15th June. This should be for a limited time on a limited number of days to allow cleaning etc. As St Cuthbert’s Church has been open for prayer on a daily basis for a number of years it has been decided that St Cuthbert’s will open for prayer from 15th June. The days open will be Monday to Friday between the hours of 2.00 pm and 4.00p pm. The church has to be staffed by 2 people during this time for control and cleaning. A risk assessment has been carried out and pews are to roped off to control the numbers together with separate entrance and exit doors and ventilation . A further risk assessment is to be carried out for when the church can be opened for funerals as this is to be the next step towards reopening churches for worship. As always we will keep you updated as the need arises.

God Bless



Friday Coffee mornings are cancelled until further notice



The Church stands not east-west but square to the Roman Road north through Carlisle (the A6, in town Blackfriars St). It is therefore of early foundation, perhaps before St Cuthbert's visit to Carlisle in 685. The present Church, probably the fourth on the site, dates from 1778.

It has a unique moving pulpit, a fourteenth century window, a window commemorating our hospitality to a Latvian Lutheran congregation, and a very attractive series of windows depicting the life of St Cuthbert. It is open every day from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm (see above). Our motto is: "Christian Hospitality"



Our address is: St. Cuthbert's Church, Blackfriars Street, Carlisle, CA3 8UE

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