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Advance Notice

On Thursday 1st October 2015

at The Tithe Barn

there is a 3 course dinner

to raise money to 

Save the Roof 

of St Cuthbert’s Church 





 History and General Description

The Church stands not east-west but square to the Roman Road north through Carlisle (the A6, in town Blackfriars St). It is therefore of early foundation, perhaps before St Cuthbert's visit to Carlisle in 685. The present Church, probably the fourth on the site, dates from 1778.

It has a unique moving pulpit, a fourteenth century window, a window commemorating our hospitality to a Latvian Lutheran congregation, and a very attractive series of windows depicting the life of St Cuthbert. It is open every day during daylight hours. Our motto is: "Christian Hospitality"