Service for 3rd Sunday of Easter


David Jackson
Commercial Director the Lanes Shopping Centre
Role in the community

Rather than talk about my role in the community I would prefer to talk about the role of the shopping centre in the community and the team that supports the day to day operation. The lanes is a well know place within the city and is many things to many people. It is meeting place –under the Clock or by the Otters, or in one of our coffee shops. I can be a place of entertainment when we host events. You can visit the library to borrow books, films or music or to study or carry out research. You can use it to park your car when visiting to shop or when on business. Charities use the centre to raise funds. Children and their families use it to visit Santa and enjoy the Christmas decorations. You can watch the world go by and you can even visit just to go to the loo!

And you can also visit to shop!
We have about 70 shops to choose from, national names and more local independents. Some are family favourites and others are specialists but they all add to the reasons why people visit. They come for the experience which can and will be different for many people.
We often refer to the shopping centre as being at the “heart of the community” and in terms of our location we are very much in the centre of things. It is well supported by both our local community and those from further afield who come from all directions in the UK and beyond. It has been in the city for over 35 years having opened in 1984.
1984 year was a memorable year for me, my football team Everton won the FA CUP, our first child was born and I was managing a Littlewoods store in Basingstoke with no knowledge that a certain shopping centre was opening in Carlisle a place that I was to move to with my family some 13 years later.

1984 was also the title of a book written by George Orwell, published in 1949 which foretold of a future where the lives of people would be controlled by the state for the benefit of the few. In 2020 we may feel that is the case now but we also know that the benefit this time is for the many.