Streaming - how to join us

Each week our services are being streamed either from St Cuthbert's Church or St Aidan's (our home page will tell you which Church)  To enable you to watch the Service you will need to register  on YouTube. This is free and you should click on this link. When you have got on to the Website at the bottom left corner you will see a circle with a picture of Jerry King. You should left click in the circle and this will register you. This is all you need to do at this stage and I will send final instruction later this week as to where to find the Service (that is unless you use YouTube a lot in which case you may have a good idea). 

 Now that you have ‘subscribed’ you click on the same link as you did to subscribe. On the top left* will be a menu – Home – Trending – Subscriptions. You should click on Subscriptions and you should see the broadcast which you then click on to get the full size.

*If you do not see the menu above click on the 3 horizontal lines and the menu will appear.

 I would suggest that you ensure that the system volume is set high. You should be able to adjust the volume if too high using the buttons at the bottom left of the screen.

 Please note that the live streaming will commence at 10.25 am so if you log in before that time you will not see anything